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Crazy Bulk Reviews from Customers

Crazy Bulk products are 100% legal, prescription grade bodybuilding supplements that provide Americans with a powerful alternative to the most well known steroids. No prescription is required to get them and yet they bring you results.

Crazy Bulk offers products for bodybuilding and those looking to get bigger muscles and burn more fat. They also have products for retaining lean muscle, faster recovery, and extending workouts so you can bulk up, lose fat, and work out longer.

Most notable, there are no side effects which provides you with a safe and 100% legal supplement. Their products are made from all natural ingredients but are effective and may be the answer to help you reach your goals. Whether those are preparing for a competition, pushing past a plateau, or helping you sculpt the dream body you’ve always wanted, they have a product for you.

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The Best Crazy Bulk Product On The Market



D-Bal is a powerfully formulated supplement that helps you gain muscle and gives you more stamina for your workouts. The supplement works by boosting your nitrogen retention which creates the ideal anabolic state for muscle growth so you gain faster than normal. Nitrogen is a building block for protein so this supplement really boosts how much protein your cells can build.

It’s also great for giving you more focus and drive which will help you get through your workout stronger than ever. With D-Bal, you’ll progressively lift more and stay alert for longer. It’s not unlikely to see quicker increases in how much you can lift and your body will be able to keep up with your motivated mind.

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Trenerol is a supplement for cutting and bulking designed with an androgenic effect. This product is exceptionally versatile in the sense that it can give you bigger muscle gains, a faster healing time, good overall physical conditioning, and faster fat burning.

It boosts your muscles with high nitrogen retention which stimulates your body’s protein building. More muscles translates to higher fat burning for faster cutting. This supplement also increases your red cell production which enables you to work out harder without getting fatigued. The increased red blood cells will also make your veins stand out. Coupled with the more defined muscles, Trenerol will make you look as serious as your workouts.

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Testo-max is a proprietary blend of pure tribulus terrestris extract that increases your body’s testosterone levels naturally. The tribulus terrestris plant contains steroidal saponins that are naturally extracted to be put in supplements. Testo-max contains twice the amount of saponins commonly found in other supplement brands which gives you twice as much testosterone producing power.

Testosterone is well known to give bodybuilders massive muscle gains, stronger workouts, and faster recovery times. It’s the original anabolic steroid that’s still revered as central in importance and a vital component to large muscle building. You’ll be able to lift more and increase your max in surprisingly fast time which only aids to muscle growth and recovery times will also decrease so you can get back to work sooner.

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Anadrole works mainly by targeting red blood cell production in your body. Red blood cells carry oxygen and oxygen is vital to the success of any workout whether it’s for endurance or power required to maximize your lifting. When your red blood cells aren’t getting enough oxygen, you’ll get tired more quickly and the amount of power you can put out reduces as your body tries to conserve energy.

Oxygen brings extra fuel to your muscles and is also really important for recovering from a workout. With this supplement, you can increase output and reduce recovery times so you can get back to the gym sooner. Reach your goals faster with the help of this supplement.

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Clenbutrol is a strong thermogenic that is extremely effective for burning fat and improving cardiovascular performance. This powerful fat burning supplement raises your body’s internal core temperature which boosts your resting metabolism so that your body looks to its fat reserves for energy.

With this supplement, your muscles are already primed with oxygen and ready to go so you can work out harder without getting as tired. More intense workouts will also burn up your body fat so you can get to that chiseled body quicker. When you’re looking to cut and burn excess body fat, Clenbutrol helps your body burn more while at rest, during your workout, and is boosted to keep burning even after you’ve stopped.

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Anvarol increases the amount of phosphocreatine created in your body, which is the building block for ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the thing your muscles require to contract. During a regular workout, your body burns up ATP after a few contractions. In order to continue and maximize what you can get from a single workout, you need more ATP. Anvarol boosts production of the phosphocreatine needed to make ATP so you can extend your workouts and push through with the strength needed.

Anvarol is suitable for use by both men and women. You can use it to shred fat while retaining lean muscle and is perfect for a cutting cycle.

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Winsol is suitable for both men and women and is the safe and legal alternative to Winstrol. Athletes, especially track and field, have sought performance enhancing supplements for increased endurance and unparalleled performance for a long time. Winsol is idea for cutting cycles that help you retain lean muscle while boosting fat loss.

It’s a great product to prevent water retention which can mess with the look that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Use it to sculpt the perfect beach body and to extend your workouts with increased power during them.

It’s a great product to prevent water retention which can mess with the look that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Use it to sculpt the perfect beach body and to extend your workouts with increased power during them.

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Decaduro is a supplement designed for quality muscle gains, more strength and endurance during your workouts, and faster recovery. Especially useful for runners pounding on their knees or heavy lifters stressing their joints, Decaduro is a supplement that even provides some joint pain relief from your hard workouts.

It works by increasing nitrogen retention in your muscles which is an essential component to protein synthesis. This means your body will be primed for big muscle gains. It also increases red blood cell production which brings more oxygen to run through your body delaying fatigue and extending your gym session.

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What Other Customers Are Saying

I’d never taken any workout supplements before so I really didn’t know what to expect. I bought Trenerol because it seemed well rounded and claimed to be good for muscle, fat, and recovery. The first couple of times I took it I didn’t notice much of a difference and was ready to chalk it up to a loss. But then I had one session where I was able to lift more than I’d been able to in months. I thought I’d maxed out but I guess not. Just needed a little help. Don’t pass this stuff up! It’s the real deal.


My buddy and I decided to try out Testo-max and noticed a difference in our very first workout. We’ve spotted for each other for months and saw how the other was able to push through the last few reps that we normally struggled with or couldn’t finish. It was awesome and I’ll definitely be trying out their other products too!


My friends noticed a difference in how I looked after just 2 weeks!


I’ve used anabolic steroids before which give you amazing results. But I had to stop because the side effects were starting to affect my health and the doc told me to stop. I was skeptical about these because they said ingredients were all natural with no side effects. But I needed to find something that wouldn’t screw with my body so badly so I bought their bulking stack. I’ve got to say that they do work, not as well as the real things but hey, you can’t have it all. Definitely better than nothing.

Los Angeles

What Side Effects Are Common With Crazy Bulk Products?

Crazy Bulk’s products utilize a proprietary blend of specific ingredients. The ingredients aren’t explicitly listed for each individual product to protect its effective formula from being copied by competitors. However, there have been no reported negative side effects from use of Crazy Bulk products. In fact, it’s boasted as being 100% legal with all natural ingredients and one of the main attractions of this product is that it’s completely safe to use with no side effects.

Disclaimer: We accept no responsibility for any negative side effects experienced by users who try these supplements. This serves only as an informational article and none of this information has been evaluated or approved by the FDA. These products are intended to enhance consumer workouts and not for treating any conditions or diseases. Please consult your doctor if any negative changes in your condition occur.

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About The Company

All of the Crazy Bulk products are manufactured in the United States and they have over a decade of experience creating legal steroid supplements that work. Crazy Bulk uses only 100% natural ingredients that won’t cause negative side effects and are safe for use without a prescription.

Crazy Bulk Stacks

With their proprietary blend kept on lockdown, they’ve created the Crazy Bulk stacks of products that are optimized for different goals. Different stacks are designed to help maximize fat loss, muscle building, or all of the above. You can get them all for a lower price than buying individually. This product really is the real deal, it is legit and not a scam as some other unknown brands might be. We have tested and summed up Crazy Bulk cutting stack reviews as well as bulking and the ultimate stack reviews. Keep reading to learn more about these effective stacks.

Cutting Stack

This stack is best for losing fat fast, optimizing the rate at which your body burns fat, and retaining lean muscle. Crazy Bulk cutting stack includes 4 bottles, each with a purpose to help you reach this goal:

-1 Anvarol (gives extended boosts of energy to maximize your workout and burn excess fat)
-1 Clenbutrol (a powerful thermogenic that raises your body’s resting metabolism and charges your muscles up for a better workout)
-1 Winsol (helps retain lean muscle while you sculpt the chiseled body you want)
-Testo-max (naturally adds testosterone to your body for better muscle gains and strength)

Bulking Stack

This stack is best for building muscle fast, more strength, and faster recovery times. It includes 4 bottles:

-1 D-bal (allows your muscles to retain more nitrogen creating the ideal environment for muscle growth)
-1 Decaduro (pre-workout supplement made from quality and natural ingredients to improve workout performance)
-1 Testo-Max (raises testosterone levels naturally for better muscle gains and more strength)
-1 Trenerol (adds red blood cell production and increases the amount of oxygen getting to your muscles for more strength and power during workouts)

Ultimate stack

This stack is best for gaining muscle mass and strength, increased energy for better workouts, and faster recovery. It’s the ultimate stack that combines 6 of the best products to address everything you need to get on the fast track to the body you want:

-1 D-bal (allows your muscles to retain more nitrogen creating the ideal environment for muscle growth)
-1 Clenbutrol (a thermogenic that raises your body’s resting metabolism to burn more excess fat and charges up your muscles for a better workout)
-1 Decaduro (pre-workout supplement made from quality and natural ingredients to improve workout performance)
-1 Trenerol (adds to red blood cell production and increases the amount of oxygen getting to your muscles for more strength and longer, more powerful workouts)
-1 Testo-Max (raises testosterone levels naturally for bigger muscle gains and more strength)
-1 Anadrole (increases red blood cell production to delay fatigue for longer workouts and reduces recovery time)

Are Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids Right For You?

Now that you’ve read up on our Crazy Bulk review and found out everything there is to know about Crazy Bulk steroids, which ones are best suited for you? Whether you choose an individual product to try or step it up with a full stack, make sure that you get these online and directly from the manufacturer for the very best price possible. Don’t lose money by running to the store and helping them pay their overhead for the very same product.

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